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Sample: House of Cards

House of Cards, “Chapter 20.5” by Jay Whiting.

Frank Underwood’s scheming has placed him a heartbeat away from the presidency. Weilding his growing influence like a club, Frank installs Jackie Sharp as party whip before separating billionaire power broker Raymond Tusk from the president’s favor.

Claire Underwood, meanwhile, has put down a foe of her own, using both carrot and stick on Gillian Cole, promising her former employee an influential position within the non-profit world while simultaneously threatening the viability of Cole’s unborn child.

Rachel Posner, the only surviving witness to Frank’s Peter Russo plot, has been bundled off to the suburbs where she finds her new life lonely and constraining, a feeling that Claire could sympathize with as she starts to feel romantically stifled by the increased scrutiny that accompanies her husband’s new job.

The only ones who seem capable of having any fun are Jackie and Remy Danton, their budding relationship complicated by the conflicting interests that arise when a member of the party’s leadership gets into bed with a powerful Washington lobbyist.

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